Where in the world Carmen Sandiego?

DHL price adjustment
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While many of you may not know who Carmen Sandeigo is, suffice to say we reckon she should have been hired by DHL Express’ marketing department. Here at Belly Buzz Central we reckon it’s pretty darn hard to surprise us. But, imagine our (new-found) surprise when we received a press release from the global giant, Deutsche Post DHL Group on price ‘adjustments’ for the group’s DHL Express division.

The press release was titled, ‘DHL Express announces its 2019 price adjustments in Philippines’. Basically it’s an annual exercise to announce price hikes for its services around the world, which it then breaks down for individual markets.

All makes sense, and yes, things only get more expensive, never cheaper… we get that. The press release also featured a very nice image of a DHL van being loaded (or unloaded) with a backdrop of tall, tall office buildings. But wait…

DHL price adjustment

Like a bolt out of the blue, it occurred to us… those tall, tall buildings are actually the Singapore skyline! While many in the Philippines envy and indeed, pine for the orderliness and corruption-free environment of Singapore, the image most certainly does not reflect the reality of the Philippines.

In fact, the Belly Buzzers struggled to find any semblance of a connection between Singapore and the Philippines, other than the fact that both share geographic proximity and similar tropical temperatures. But… beyond that… it’s a tough one.

And to be honest, it always worries us a bit when we see global companies apparently mixing up geographic locations… particularly when it’s a fundamental part of their business, yah?

So, ever helpful the Belly Buzzers are… we came up with what we feel is a more suitable image for DHL Express’ press release on ‘price adjustments’ in the Philippines. No worries, you can just thank us later.

DHL Jeepney Express
DHL ‘Jeepney’ Express

And hey, if you can make the slogan “Excellence, Simply Delivered” work in the Philippines, as in Singapore and many other parts of the world… then you truly do deserve the mantel of global express giant.

Oh, and just for your information… the average price hike in the Philippines is 6.9 per cent, compared to Singapore’s 4.9 per cent… go figure. We have our suspicions as to why it’s 2.0 per cent higher in the Philippines, but that involves uttering the nasty ‘C’ word… so we’ll just www.zipit.com and leave it to you to ponder.


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  1. Did I miss something? Or are we still waiting to hear who Carmen Sandeigo or Sandiego is? But loved the DHL Jeepney. And I guess it’s electric, right?!

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