Singapore Airlines signs three-year SkyCell lease


Singapore Airlines (SIA) signs a three-year deal to lease temperature-controlled containers from SkyCell for the carrier’s pharma cargo.

As the demand for pharmaceutical products is growing in the Asia Pacific Region, SkyCell is growing its airline partner network the region.

The active containers are designed to maintain pharmaceutical product temperatures of between +2 to +8 degrees Celsius or +15 to +25 degrees Celsius under extreme ambient temperatures. The containers are also equipped with sensors which connect to a data cloud for monitoring.

Singapore is a leading commercial hub for the development and production of pharmaceuticals and biologics for the Asian Pacific market. The rising trade flow of pharmaceuticals to and from APAC entails several challenges for pharmaceutical companies.
These include: Challenging environmental conditions; increasing regulatory requirements and environmental issues such as CO2 savings.

This demands for a reliable and robust transport solution for valuable temperature-sensitive drugs and biologics, SkyCell says adding that clients benefit from safe and seamless transportation and efficient return logistics.

To prevent temperature excursions, SkyCell is developing comprehensive lane standard operating procedures together with the airline. This will enable pharmaceuticals to be transported with the highest security level door-to-door and according to regulatory compliance.

Last year, SIA introduced with THRUCOOL a ‘quality corridor’ along the Zurich-Singapore-Sydney route, with strict end-to-end temperature control for the handling and transportation of temperature-sensitive goods.

By complying with standards adopted from the IATA CEIV Pharma Programme, the quality corridor addresses the industry’s need for safety, care and efficiency in the transportation of pharmaceutical products. This June, SIA expanded its quality network corridor to Amsterdam and Ho Chi Minh City.

“Singapore Airlines is the leading airline in Asia Pacific with a specialised pharma offering and an extensive network,” says Richard Ettl, CEO of SkyCell. “The collaboration will meet the growing demand for reliable and safe pharmaceutical transportation solutions in the region and contribute to eliminating temperature excursions for shipments to emerging markets.”

Chin Yau Seng, SIA Senior vice president Cargo, adds: “The expansion of our THRUCOOL quality corridor network and lease partnership with SkyCell demonstrate our commitment to providing quality-assured dedicated cold chain services when transporting time- and temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical shipments.

“We will continue to improve our service offerings and collaborate with our industry partners to pursue innovation in the delivery of pharmaceuticals,” Chin says.

Singapore Airlines signs three-year SkyCell lease
Article Name
Singapore Airlines signs three-year SkyCell lease
Singapore Airlines (SIA) signs a three-year deal to lease temperature-controlled containers from SkyCell for the carrier's pharma cargo.
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