America in outer space on 4 July

4 July UFO sightings

With all of Donald Trump’s, erratic, bizarre and quite frankly often entertaining behaviour, we do get the fact that the United States is a rather ‘unique’ place. Not that the orange president is necessarily representative of the whole nation, but hey, they did vote this man into office.

But we digress, as this edition of Belly Buzz does not in fact focus on The Donald, well other than the fact he does seem to have some odd connection with outer-space. The real matter at hand, is UFOs… as in aliens and no, not the orange one.

Independence Day movie

According to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), an American non-profit organisation that has been collecting reports of unidentified flying objects since 1974, UFO sightings tend to spike on the July 4, American Independence Day.

Between 1995 and 2018, around 2.0 per cent of all sightings recorded by NUFORC fell on this date; seven times more than would be expected by chance, the Center says.

One theory is to blame Hollywood, specifically the 1996 movie, Independence Day, in which the world is saved from alien annihilation just in time for the American holiday. The following year after the movie was first screened, NUFORC reported a 10 fold jump in UFO citings to 74, compared with eight in 1995 and six in 1996.

There are of course the more reasoned explanations, although if you’re given to conspiracy theories, you may not want to trust the official versions. Some of the biggest spikes in reported UFO sightings in recent years have later been explained by meteors, missiles or debris from satellites re-entering the atmosphere.

Another theory points to the fact the holiday is typically celebrated outdoors because of summer weather and heavy alcohol consumption is a key feature. With increasing numbers of states legalising marijauna, we at Belly Buzz reckon there’s going to be another spike, and indeed we expect a whole new trend of UFO observances north of the border in Canada (on its national holiday, Canada Day on 1 July), owing to the fact the whole country can now legally spark up a joint.

We’re thinking there may be another possible explanation. Remember those protest balloons that appear at anti-Trump protest rallies in London, featuring an angry orange Trump baby in diapers? Well, we’re thinking maybe some of those became ‘untethered’ and were carried by transcontinental wind currents to the US, where inebriated and/or high, 4 July revellers mistook them for aliens. We think its pretty plausible!


America out of this world on 4 July
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America out of this world on 4 July
With all of Donald Trump's, erratic, bizarre and quite frankly often entertaining behaviour, we do get the fact that the United States is a rather 'unique' place.
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