SVO highlights Moscow Cargo-Customs partnership

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Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO) highlights the beneficial cooperation between Moscow Cargo and Sheremetyevo Customs as e-commerce grows rapidly.

The cooperation, highlighted at the recent Russian Customs Day, is aimed at creating favourable conditions for companies engaged in foreign economic activity, as well as increasing international cargo flows through the airport.

Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO) handled over 268,000 tonnes of cargo and mail in the first nine months of 2019, a 7.7 per cent year-on-year growth.

The volume confirms SVO’s position as Russia’s leading cargo hub, with 73.8 per cent of total cargo being international.

Moscow Cargo, the main handling operator of the airport, is responsible for handling nearly 75 per cent of cargo and postal turnover at SVO.

Speaking on the importance of beneficial cooperation with customs authorities and of digital development, Mikhail Chuvilkin, first deputy general director — director of Production at Moscow Cargo LLC, says: “Given that over 65 per cent of the terminal turnover today consists of international cargo and mail, beneficial cooperation with Sheremetyevo customs is a necessary condition for attraction of new clients and increase in cargo turnover.”

E-commerce is one of the fastest developing areas of the economy, and a distinctive feature of the Russian e-commerce market is the high popularity of purchases on foreign online stores.

According to Chuvilkin, 23.7 per cent of the total volume of international air imports handled by Moscow Cargo’s terminal are e-commerce cargoes, with their share constantly growing.

With the rise of e-commerce, market pressure dictates faster cargo handling speed and time of customs clearance, the airport says.

In response, Moscow Cargo and Sheremetyevo Customs are looking to implement solutions aimed at reducing the processing time and simplifying the procedure of customs clearance for express cargoes, the two say.

Maksim Balandin, acting head of the cargo customs office at Sheremetyevo Airport, says: “In March 2019, for the sake of convenience of foreign trade participants, including express carriers, a physical control post was placed directly on the premises of Moscow Cargo’s terminal; the post carries out customs inspection, as well as registration of goods shipped by individuals and express cargoes.

“Thanks to the introduction of electronic declaration and document flow in regard of release of goods at Sheremetyevo customs, and considering the simplified procedure of customs declaration for express cargoes, provided there are no issues with documentation, and imported goods have been classified in the ‘risk-free’ group, most items are now released on the same day they have been accepted,” Balandin adds.

The airport says that successful development of cooperation with Sheremetyevo Customs, active implementation of IT and electronic services, as well as targeted efforts to improve the quality of customer and airline services will help ensure stable growth of cargo traffic at SVO.

“When combined, these factors allow the airport not only to maintain its position as the undisputed leader in the Russian air carriage market, but also strengthen its claim to being one of the most modern and dynamically developing air cargo hubs in Europe,” the airport says.

With a surface area of 42,300 sqm, the Moscow Cargo terminal is the largest cargo complex in Russia, the CIS, and countries of Eastern Europe and is designed for 380,000 tonnes of cargo per year. The first stage of the cargo terminal was put into operation in late 2017, and commissioning of the second stage is planned for 2021.

Storage and handling of cargo in Moscow Cargo’s terminal are powered by an automated system by Lödige, the only one in Russia. Two independent zones sharing a single automated control system operate in the complex: In one, cargoes are stored in batches, and in the other, on warehouse pallets. Production cycle operations in the cargo terminal are 60 per cent automated, which makes it possible to handle all types of cargo as necessary in a high-quality, timely, and cost-effective manner, the terminal operator says.

SVO highlights Moscow Cargo-Customs partnership
Article Name
SVO highlights Moscow Cargo-Customs partnership
Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO) highlights the beneficial cooperation between Moscow Cargo and Sheremetyevo Customs as e-commerce grows rapidly.
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