CSafe continues global growth with expanded ICN facility

Incheon CSafe
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Global provider of active temperature-controlled container solutions for pharmaceuticals, CSafe Global, broadens its footprint with the opening of an enlarged and expanded service center facility at Incheon International Airport (ICN).

CSafe says the new service centre was strategically implemented to accommodate the growing demand for CSafe’s specialised air cargo containers in South Korea, and throughout the broader Asia Pacific region.

CSafe’s ICN station is one of the latest of numerous locations around the world established to broaden CSafe’s global service reach and increase the impact on customers who have entrusted CSafe containers to thermally protect vital life-enhancing pharmaceuticals as they are shipped to patients in need, it says.

“We’re excited about our best-in-class service centre in Incheon,” says Tom Weir, VP of Global Operations at CSafe Global. “This new facility will ensure that our active containers are operating at top system performance, keeping temperatures precisely where they need to be for transports of crucial medications.

“Our service team has been trained and is well prepared to address the significant volume demand for CSafe RKN and CSafe RAP containers from the Incheon station.”

“With the expanded warehouse space and increased repair service throughput, not only can we easily accommodate the increasing product demand from South Korea, but we also strengthen our ability to flex as needed for repositioning large numbers of our temperature-controlled containers to other CSafe hubs within Asia Pacific to meet unexpected or immediate surge demand from our customers and partners across the region,” Weir adds.

To verify that CSafe RKN and CSafe RAP systems are of highest quality and in peak condition, all containers entering CSafe service centres are put through an industry-unique Preventative Maintenance Rebuild (PMR) program to certify optimal operational performance. “This protocol goes a long way in providing peace of mind to CSafe customers, while delivering on the CSafe promise to protect what matters most to pharmaceutical companies, so patients can receive what matters most to them,” CSafe says.

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