Emirates all-women flight deck celebrates International Women’s Day

emirates all women
(L to R) Captain Heather Wolf from Canada, Captain Ellen Roz from the United States and First Officer Heidi McDiarmid from Australia.
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An Emirates SkyCargo all-women flight deck crew conduct a B777 freighter service covering six cities across four continents, ahead of International Women’s Day.

“Women are making an increasing contribution to the aviation industry worldwide and are also directly supporting global exchanges in diverse areas facilitated by aviation such as international trade,” Emirates says. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the carrier highlights one aspect of how women in aviation are supporting economies and touching lives across the world.

Captain Ellen Roz from the US and First Officer Heidi McDiarmid from Australia cover close to 30,000 kms in 10 days on five freighter flights from Frankfurt to Mexico City onwards to Quito, Aguadilla, Amsterdam and finally to Dubai transporting over 300 tonnes of cargo ranging from fresh flowers and fruits to pharmaceuticals. The two pilots were also joined by Captain Heather Wolf from Canada for operating the flight from Frankfurt to Mexico City.

Over 75 tonnes of fresh flowers were transported on the freighter flights operated by Captain Roz and First Officer McDiarmid from Quito to Aguadilla and from Aguadilla to Amsterdam. Emirates’ freighter flights from Quito create a direct channel for exports for the Ecuadorian floriculture industry to Amsterdam, the world’s largest flower distribution hub. This supports the local economy in Ecuador and the livelihoods of over 100,000 people in the country who work to cultivate and harvest flowers.

Close to 10 tonnes of valuable pharmaceuticals were transported on the freighter flight from Frankfurt to Mexico City operated by the all-women flight deck crew.

For a video of the journey, see here.

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