China’s Zoomlion donates 3rd batch of med supplies to 43 countries

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In a time when politicalisation weighs nearly as heavy on the world as the Coronavirus itself, China’s Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co. makes its third donation of medical supplies to over 40 countries.

Zoomlion, a Chinese manufacturer of engineering and agricultural equipment, donated a third batch of medical supplies; totalling nearly 700,000 pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE), to 43 countries and regions to combat COVID-19.

The donation will be distributed to five continents including Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and Oceania upon arrival following dispatch from China at end of March.

This is an emergency response from Zoomlion following appeals made by its overseas customers, partners and dealers in 43 countries and regions including Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Australia and the US to source vitally needed PPE supplies amid the escalating global coronavirus crisis.

“The donated medical supplies consist of disposable face masks, N95 medical masks and thermometers,” says Li Bin, director of the international business management department of Zoomlion. “We collected demand information through our international branches, subsidiaries and dealers, so that we can best allocate our resources. Once delivered, we, with our partners, will assist with distribution to local people in need.”

When China declared the highest level of emergency in response to COVID-19, Zoomlion’s overseas employees participated in the procurement of medical supplies for donation to frontline healthcare workers in China.

“We will never forget a Singaporean client who leveraged his global network to procure masks during our darkest hour,” says Li. “Now many countries globally are experiencing an emerging, rapidly evolving situation; we believe our donation is not only to return the kindness but fulfill our role as a responsible international company.”

Zoomlion previously donated two batches of medical supplies to Lombardy, Italy and Zoomlion’s overseas subsidiaries, including Zoomlion CIFA, Italy and m-tec, and Wilbert, Germany.

“We believe with concerted effort, we will be able to overcome these difficulties,” encouraged Li.

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