ATC Aviation ready for global vaccine distribution race

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ATC Aviation Services, the Frankfurt-based GSSA, says it is ready for the start of Covid-19 vaccine distribution following the work of its internal task force.

The task force is headed by Volker Dunkake, ATC’s charter solutions leader, and Thomas Baumert, who leads the company’s pharma expertise. Both Dunkake and Baumert have airline experience with Lufthansa Cargo Charter and AF-KLM’s Pharma Team, respectively.

Volker Dunkake and Thomas Baumert
(l-r) Volker Dunkake and Thomas Baumert.

Both are based in the Frankfurt Head Office of ATC Aviation Services and heading the ATC Aviation global COVID Vaccine Task Force Team.

ATC says the two have been preparing solutions for the global vaccine distribution for a number of weeks, including identifying and contacting all relevant stakeholders. These include:

  • Shippers;
  • Agents;
  • Ground handlers;
  • Airlines;
  • Container providers;
  • Trucking companies.

The task force is coordinating the worldwide pharma activities across the ATC global organisation. On regional levels, the country managers and their pharma experts on site are responsible for the local contacts and the implementation of the respective solutions.

ATC notes that the main origins for production will primarily be in Europe, India, Brazil, Korea, China, and the US.

ATC Aviation
Ingo Zimmer, CEO, ATC Aviation.

Together with their airline partners, the GSSA controls 300,000 tonnes of annual capacity and serves more than 500 destinations globally. ATC also anticipates the use of solutions such as using charter capacities on full freighters and ‘preighters’.

Ingo Zimmer, Group CEO ATC Aviation Services comments: “We are well aware about the importance of our role in the supply chain of the vaccines and we are ready!”

ATC Aviation Services was established in 1971 and has a worldwide portfolio of more than 70 airlines in 32 countries.

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