Turkish Cargo returns 1,700 year-old ‘Cybele’ statue home

Turkish Cargo
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Turkish Cargo returns a 3rd century AD statue of the mother goddess ‘Cybele’ back to its home in Istanbul from New York on 12 December.

The 1,700 year-old statue – believed to be the symbol and guardian of abundance – was trafficked abroad in the 1970s, according to Turkish Cargo.

Performing with the utmost care for the shipments of historical artifacts, Turkish Cargo brought the Statue of Cybele, the mother goddess which is back to the lands it belongs after nearly 60 years.

Statue of Cybele
Statue of Cybele

Turkish Airlines sponsored the delicate transportation effort following what the carrier described as “great legal efforts” of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The Cybelle statue will be exhibited in the Istanbul Archeology Museum going forward.

With its specialised teams of experts working meticulously on historical and sensitive artifacts the carrier has undertaken a number of such operations requiring the utmost care, in recent years.

This includes carrying historical artifacts from the Topkapı and Dolmabahce Palace museums to Japan, contributing to the return of the missing pieces of the Gypsy Girl Mosaic to its homeland, carrying more than 50 masterpieces from Paris Louvre Museum to Tehran, successfully transporting the Sarcophagus of Hercules of the Roman Era from Geneva to Istanbul.

Turkish Cargo offers its services for the works of art to its customers in 127 countries around the world with its three sensitive cargo storehouses and specialised staff members with related certificates. The cargo carrier also constantly monitors each and every movement of its fragile and valuable cargo with cameras in and around its storage facilities.

Turkish Airlines flies to more than 320 destinations with its passenger services while Turkish Cargo operates direct cargo flights to 95 destinations around the world.

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