Volga-Dnepr, Leipzig/Halle team up over humanitarian hub

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Volga-Dnepr Airlines and Leipzig/Halle Airport (LEJ) partner on setting up an Emergency Logistics/Humanitarian Hub.

The decision comes as a logical step for further development of long-lasting strategic cooperation between LEJ and Volga-Dnepr Group (the Group).

Both parties agree to strengthen their unique services in the Humanitarian sector, by leveraging their respective ‘carrier-airport’ capabilities.

For Volga-Dnepr Airlilnes – part of the Volga-Dnepr Group – this means tapping its 30+ years of experience working with LEJ, its humanitarian logistics experience, and diverse freighter fleet. Liege on the other hand will tap its market-driven commercial conditions for export warehousing, long-term storage capabilities for emergency cargo and terminal handling services to support the hub.

Volga-Dnepr and LEJ say they will jointly promote the airport as the Emergency Logistics Hub through marketing campaigns, specialised educational workshops, streamlined cooperation with international Non-Governmental Organisations, International Intergovernmental Organisations of Germany, major equipment manufacturers, freight forwarders and other stakeholders of the sector to foster humanitarian cargo operations ex-Leipzig/Halle.

Tatyana Arslanova, executive operating officer of Volga-Dnepr Group, says: “2020 has shown that the industry needs to be better prepared to guarantee emergency response when and where it is needed. By setting up the Humanitarian Hub in Leipzig/Halle we are focusing on quality enhancement of the services for the sector and upscaling our capabilities.

Tatyana Arslanova Volga-Dnepr
Tatyana Arslanova

“We are all well aware that humanitarian operations admit of no delays and staying ahead we aim for disruption-free cargo transportations to deliver essential commodities, medical supplies, sophisticated equipment or pharmaceutical products.”

Arslanova adds that its 30+ of experience alongside its strategic airline partners, have given it the expertise to handle special cargoes and develop its humanitarian services together LEJ.

“Leipzig/Halle Airport is the ideal logistics platform for rapidly handling all kinds of humanitarian aid and a new logistics centre for disaster management is also being built here as part of an EU programme,” says Mario Patyk, head of Business Development Cargo/Logistics at LEJ.

“At the same time, the airport is demonstrating its prowess as an efficient hub for medical protective equipment and Covid-19 tests in the battle against the pandemic and is also the starting point for aid flights transporting technical equipment and pharmaceuticals to destinations in Europe, Africa and South America,” he says.

“We’re not only able to pool efficient infrastructure and logistics expertise, but also extensive cargo airline capacity by cooperating with our long-standing partner, the Volga-Dnepr Group, at Leipzig/Halle – and this capacity can be put to use anywhere in the world round the clock.”

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