Aramex adds female-gendered Arabic to its websites

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Aramex is launching its female Arabic language option for its corporate website, a feature it says will directly address female visitors.

The launch of the additional language feature comes after Aramex pledged to add female-focused language for Arabic on its website during International Women’s Day, 2021.

“Aramex’s values are centered on diversity and equality, and this new language feature is a perfect example of that,” says Mike Rich, global marketing director at Aramex.

“The new language option offers a new way for female customers to experience all of Aramex’s services across its website. We are very proud to lead the way towards having a more dedicated and customised communication feature for our female website visitors.”

Aramex points to the benefits of this Female Arabic feature including connecting to its female customers on a new level and the company says women will feel more included when using Aramex services. The feature will be permanently offered on its website.

In Arabic grammar rules, when speakers don’t know whom they are addressing, they mostly use a male-gendered form of the word, the main reason why Arabic websites choose to use male-directed Arabic language. For the first time ever, Aramex is giving women the option to experience website content that’s made only for them in Arabic.

The Arabic female language feature was made available starting 31 March 2021 across the Aramex website.

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