Cainiao set to double parcel sorting in Europe

Cainiao West Europe sorting center
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Cainiao Network, the logistics arm of the Alibaba Group is launching parcel sorting centres in Spain, France, Germany, and Italy, in order to boost e-commerce parcel delivery in these countries.

Currently, Cainiao operates existing local warehouses in the logistics compounds near Madrid, Paris, Bremen and Rome and has equipped the first three warehouses with automated sorting machines.

The four centres currently have a combined maximum sorting capacity of about half a million parcels per day, which is expected to double by the end of March 2022.

Cainiao has also been working with long-term partners like Cacesa, Sinotrans and 4PX in order to kick off the operations in these centres.

E-commerce parcels will be delivered to these centres by trucks from Cainiao’s Liege eHub or nearby airports for processing based on their final destinations. Once sorted, the parcels will be delivered by smaller trucks or vans to their respective destinations for last-mile delivery.

Consumers of AliExpress, the global retail online marketplace of Alibaba Group, will be the first to benefit from these new sorting centres.

In the last few years Cainiao has been setting up its regional eHub located at Liège Airport, which will serve as a key node in its global logistics network to connect chartered flights between China and Europe. This is further complemented by the deployment of an intra-Europe trucking network that covers more than 30 European countries.

Cainiao says it has also been installing a network of parcel lockers in Spain and France to improve customer experience and reduce the carbon footprint in the last mile. “The launch of sorting centers is the latest step in strengthening its logistics infrastructure to provide a more efficient and seamless cross-border logistics experience across Europe,” Cainiao says.

“Localized logistics infrastructure and processing capacity are key to Cainiao’s continued development in Europe. Together with our local partners and suppliers, we strive to deliver superior service and operations, and will continue to contribute to the growth of Europe’s logistics ecosystem,” says David Bu, general manager of Cainiao Network Europe.


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