J&T Express primes e-commerce service with two new warehouses

J&T Express
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J&T Express Singapore is opening two new warehouses in Singapore at Changi Airfreight Center and Penjuru, amid what it says is growing demand for domestic and international e-commerce delivery services.

A first for J&T Express, the strategic location of the new warehouse at Changi Airfreight Center is part of J&T Express’ expansion plans to offer quality international delivery services to customers locally and regionally, the company says.

The new warehouse will help to improve the processes and flow of international parcels between the airport and the sorting hubs. It will also allow J&T Express to provide tighter control and a higher service level for the delivery of international parcels.

The warehouse at Changi Airfreight Center will also serve as a strategic hub for transhipment within the J&T network including Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, and China.

J&T Express says the new warehouse will help it optimise shipping lane planning and lower operational costs through greater collaborations within its global network. The facilities also ensure greater efficiency and security in the transit of parcels from these countries.

As part of its strategy to develop a nationwide warehouse network and to strengthen its position as a one-stop e-commerce solutions provider, J&T Express also unveiled a new fulfilment centre at Penjuru to meet the growing demand for e-commerce warehousing solutions within Singapore.

The 7,618 sqm fulfilment centre will enable J&T Express to onboard more fulfilment clients with a seamless e-commerce experience, the company said.

In line with J&T Express’ ongoing digitalisation efforts, the new fulfilment centre will also be equipped with an integrated e-commerce warehouse management system (eWMS) to optimise the fulfilment management from inventory and orders to transport flows and last-mile deliveries.

Complementing its expansion efforts, J&T Express also announced its first wave of J&T points across Singapore, which is currently available to both its VIP and selected e-commerce platform sellers to support the upcoming Single’s Day shopping festival. The J&T points aim to provide sellers with greater flexibility when making shipping arrangements by enabling them to drop off parcels at their own convenience and receive real-time tracking.

The island-wide network of service points will also support J&T Express in handling the anticipated year-end delivery spikes with greater efficiency.

Commenting on the recent milestones, Andrew Sim, CEO of J&T Express Singapore said the developments not only reflect the company’s commitment to drive service excellence in the logistics industry, but also strengthening J&T Express’ position as a one-stop e-commerce specialist across each and every touchpoint across the value chain.

“Singapore is an exciting growth market for J&T Express, and we are focused on building our business in the country due to its strategic location within Southeast Asia.

“At J&T Express, we are committed to providing efficient, secure, and quality express services to our customers and the expansion of our network of warehouses in Singapore and the launch of J&T points will help us to build stronger relationships with our customers.

This he said will enable the company to meet, “the growing demand for domestic and international delivery not only in Singapore but also across the region.”

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