HKG start-up carrier GBA chooses Hactl for cargo handling

Greater Bay Airlines (GBA)
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New start-up carrier Greater Bay Airlines (GBA) has appointed Hactl as cargo ground handler at its Hong Kong home base.

The carrier received its Air Operator’s Certificate on 8 October 2021, following the successful operation of proving flights to and from Bangkok.

GBA can now commence both passenger and cargo charter flights using its B737-800 fleet, which will be expanded to seven aircraft by the end of 2022, and more than 30 by 2026. GBA has applied for an Air Transport Licence for a total of 104 destinations across the region.

GBA hactl
(L-r) Algernon Yau, chief executive officer of Greater Bay Airlines and Wilson Kwong, chief executive of Hactl, sign the service agreement.

GBA is led by aviation industry veteran Algernon Yau, as its chief executive officer. Yau has more than 40 years’ experience in top management at Cathay Pacific Group.

“We are delighted to be working with Hactl as the cargo handling partner for our new services,” says Yau. “Their focus on hyper-efficiency through innovation and automation, as well as their strong environmental credentials, are an excellent fit with our business model, and will help us to achieve our own ambitions.”

Hactl chief executive Wilson Kwong comments: “The launch of Greater Bay Airlines is a clear sign of the positivity and indomitable spirit of Hong Kong’s aviation sector, which is already looking well beyond current challenges to a brighter long-term future.

“We wish Algernon and his team every success with their ambitious plans, and are very proud to have been entrusted to support this exciting new venture.”

Algernon Yau, chief executive officer of Greater Bay Airlines (left) and Wilson Kwong, Chief Executive of Hactl, sign the service agreement.

Greater Bay Airlines (GBA) can now commence passenger and cargo charter operations from its Hong Kong base, using B737-800 aircraft.

Hactl’s highly automated operation was a factor in GBA’s choice of handler.

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