4 July UFO sightings
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America in outer space on 4 July

07 July 2019 Donald Urquhart 0

With all of Donald Trump’s, erratic, bizarre and quite frankly often entertaining behaviour, we do get the fact that the United States is a rather ‘unique’ place. Not that the orange president is necessarily representative […]

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The Donald… a space oddity?

11 September 2018 Donald Urquhart 0

When a white package parachuted from the celestial realm and landed in central New Jersey recently, the people who found it were alarmed not only by the device’s strange hissing sound — but also by […]

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The scourge of porch-pirates

28 July 2018 Donald Urquhart 0

With the e-commerce flurry taking the world by storm, it was only a matter of time before the criminal element saw an opportunity. And indeed they did, and off went the latest trend of the […]